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Game Description

Test your knowledge of world flags in the exciting game World Flags Quiz! Challenge yourself to identify flags from different countries and learn about the diverse cultures and nations of the world. In World Flags Quiz, you'll be presented with flag images one by one. Your task is to correctly identify the country associated with each flag. Type in the name of the country or select from multiple-choice options to make your guess. The game offers various difficulty levels to cater to different levels of flag knowledge. Start with easier levels that feature flags of well-known countries, and progress to more challenging levels with flags of lesser-known or obscure nations. Learn fascinating facts and trivia about each country as you encounter their flags. Expand your geographical knowledge and discover new countries and their unique symbols through the flags they represent. World Flags Quiz provides hints and lifelines to assist you along the way. Use hints to get clues about the country or its location, and utilize lifelines to narrow down your options when selecting the correct answer. Track your performance and strive for high scores. The game keeps a record of your progress, including your accuracy rate and completion time. Aim to improve your scores, set new records, and challenge yourself to become a world flags expert. Immerse yourself in colorful and vibrant flag designs that reflect the diverse cultures and histories of different countries. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through the quiz and focus on the flags themselves. Whether you're a geography enthusiast, a trivia lover, or someone who simply wants to expand their knowledge of world flags, World Flags Quiz offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your flag recognition skills, explore the world through its flags, and become a global flag connoisseur!