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On our website, we have offered you the best Game of Thrones Games online so far, something that we are continuing to do right now and here, when our team is sharing with everyone the game called Black Thrones, an action-adventure game featuring the character of Jon Snow, a fan-favorite in the franchise, and the protagonist of this amazing game! Jon is going to run on the course automatically, and you use the up arrow key to make him jump, having to jump over the pits you find, over the spikes and other traps and obstacles you encounter, as well as in order to jump on platforms and collect the coins from them, because the more coins you grab, the bigger your score. Also, the white walkers are going to stand in front of you, who are undead zombies whom you have to defeat, so press the spacebar to cut them up. If you bump into them, you lose, as they will kill you instantly. Also, if you can grab defense power-ups or weapons for attacking, do it, and get better at defeating your enemies. Let's see how far you can get in your adventure, and we hope that you will have a really fun time from start to finish, just like our entire administrative team has had as well!